May 1, 2012

My first!


I love all things that enable me to be as creative as possible: I love to read, write, draw, knit, paint, am slowly learning to crochet – but it’s hard going, and I’ve recently tackled the sewing machine! I decided to start a blog as I’ve decided that now is the time I try to make the most of those things that I love to do – so I thought to myself – why not try to set up an on-line shop showing off what you’ve made and just see if things start to sell. What’s the worst that can happen? I thought that by doing a blog I can chart the high’s, low’s, successes and failures, and you never know – I might just learn something from it.

At the moment this is very much a work in progress, I’m still learning my crafts and working out what does/doesn’t work and there will be mistakes along the way (although not too many I hope) so please be patient – and this is a note as much to myself as well as any eyes that may be reading this post!

So I’m off to knit some more bunnies for friends (all expectant mothers – there seems to be a massive baby boom within my circle of friends at the moment) and I will post some pictures soon.